Glamtent Luksustelt

17th July - 5th August
Drop-in only for caravans and mobile homes

Glamtents - Luxury tents

Outdoor living with hotel comfort

Glamtents is derived from "glamping", Glamorous Camping: Big tents with headroom, carpets on the floor, real beds and furniture, electricity and heating. Outdoor living with hotel comfort!

Glamtent - Luxury tent - 2 persons

Glamtent - Luxury tent - 2 persons

Luxury tent-2 is furnished for two people with a double bed. Headroom and comfort is generous, with lush carpets on the floor and elegant furniture.

Price from: 1 400,- kr. (per night)  

Glamtent - Luxury tent - 4 persons

Glamtent - Luxury tent - 4 persons

Glamtent4 is furnished for 4 persons. Comfortable single beds along the walls and generius headroom in the centre. Carpets on the floor and elegant furniture makes Glamtents a unique and different kind of experience.

Price from: 1 600,- kr. (per night)  

Glamtents - Luxury tents

Experience our spacious glam tents, diameter of 5 meters and 3 meters headroom in the centre. The interiors and furnishing are comfortable and stylish: Real beds with duvet and nightstands, thick carpets on the floor, nice chairs, storage space, lanterns and lamps. Electricity for lights and heating on chilly evenings.

Glam tents are dry and cozy regardless of the weather. The strong 100% waterproof bottom floor has got high edges attached to the impregnated walls with a zipper. On hot days, the walls can be rolled up so that the cool air along the ground functions as 'air conditioning'.

Waking up in a good bed by birds chirping and the morning sun shining through the tent walls gives you the outdoor experience - with the comfort of a hotel room.

Glamtent - luksustelt i kveldsstemning

Lantern lit magical evening atmosphere.

Luksustelt - gode senger

If you don't have good dreams when sleeping in a glam tent... we can recommend you a good psychotherapist.

Glamtent - velkommen til luksus i teltet

Outdoor life have never been less rugged.

Glamtent - sittegruppe

No need to be sitting on the ground just because you're enjoying an outdoor life holiday!

Glamtent - kveldsstemning

Luksustelt - puter